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AI & Society

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Responsible AI

CIFAR is leading global conversations about AI’s impact on society.

The AI & Society program, one of the objectives of the CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, develops global thought leadership on the economic, ethical, political, and legal implications of advances in AI. These dialogues deliver new ways of thinking about issues, and drive positive change in the development and deployment of responsible AI.

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Designing AI governance solutions for low-middle income countries.

CIFAR, in partnership with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), launched a call for Solution Networks in September 2020 to develop governance solutions for responsible AI in low-middle income countries. A Solution Network is a global team of cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary experts who design, develop, and implement responsible AI governance solutions.



Imagine the future of AI policy.

CIFAR’s AI Futures Policy Labs engage the public policy community in conversations with experts from other sectors to help them understand, navigate and, respond to the policy opportunities and challenges emerging from the rapid deployment of AI technologies.

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We spark cross-sectoral conversations to understand AI’s role in society.

CIFAR’s AI & Society workshops bring together diverse experts from across disciplines, sectors, and borders to address some of the most fundamental challenges posed by AI. The workshops have explored topics related to ethical medicine in AI, the use of AI to address the climate crisis, and the role of AI as an amplifier of inequality for vulnerable populations.

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Explore the landscape of global AI strategies.

Canada was the first country in the world to announce a federally-funded national AI strategy, prompting many other nations to follow suit. CIFAR published two reports detailing the global landscape of AI strategies.

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CIFAR is a registered charitable organization supported by the governments of Canada, Alberta and Quebec, as well as foundations, individuals, corporations and Canadian and international partner organizations.

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