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Gabriela Schlau-Cohen


  • Associate Program Director
  • CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar 2016-2018
  • Bio-inspired Solar Energy


Gabriela Schlau-Cohen is a physical chemist whose research group uses single- molecule and ultrafast spectroscopy to explore the structural and energetic dynamics that underlie photosynthetic light harvesting.

Research in the lab focuses on developing new approaches to probe these dynamics by combining tools from chemistry, optics, biology and microscopy. Schlau-Cohen’s research team also seeks to characterize and optimize light harvesting in bio-inspired systems.


  • Beckman Young Investigator
  • Smith Family Biomedical Research Award
  • Postdoctoral Research Award, ACS PHYS Division
  • CMAD Postdoctoral Fellowship, Stanford University
  • American Fellowship, American Association of University Women

Relevant Publications

  • Kondo, T., Chen, W.J., & Schlau-Cohen, G.S. (2017). Single-Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Photosynthetic Systems. Chemical Reviews, 117(2): 860–98. DOI:
  • Schlau-Cohen, G.S., & Berry, J. (2015). Photosynthetic fluorescence, from molecule to planet. Physics Today, 68(9): 66. DOI:
  • Schlau-Cohen, G.S., Wang, Q., Southall, J., et al. (2013). Single-molecule Spectroscopy Reveals LH2 Complexes Switch between Emissive States. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 110(27), 10899–903. DOI:
  • Schlau-Cohen, G.S., Ishizaki, A., Calhoun, T. R., et al. (2012). Elucidation of Timescales and Origins of Quantum Electronic Coherence in LHCII. Nature Chemistry, 4, 389–95. DOI:
  • Schlau-Cohen, G.S., Calhoun, T.R., Ginsberg, N.S., et al. (2010). Spectroscopic Elucidation of Uncoupled Transition Energies in the Major Photosynthetic Light Harvesting Complex, LHCII. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 107(30), 13276–81. DOI:

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