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Matthew Hastings


  • Associate Fellow
  • Quantum Information Science




Matthew Hastings is a quantum information theorist and mathematical physicist.

He is interested in quantum codes, topological order, and in applying physics insights to developing quantum algorithms.

Relevant Publications

  • M.B. Hastings. “Lieb-Schultz-Mattis in Higher Dimensions.” Phys. Rev. B 69, 104431 (2004).
  • M.B. Hastings. “An Area Law for One Dimensional Quantum Systems.” JSTAT, P08024 (2007).
  • M.B. Hastings. “Superadditivity of communication capacity using entangled inputs.” Nature Physics 5, 255 (2009).
  • M.B. Hastings and S. Michalakis. “Quantization of Hall Conductance For Interacting Electrons on a Torus.” Math. Phys. 334, 433 (2015).
  • M.B. Hastings and J. Haah. “Distillation with sublogarithmic overhead.” Phys. Rev. Lett 120, 050504 (2018).

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