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N. Peter Armitage


  • Fellow
  • Quantum Materials


N. Peter Armitage is a physicist whose research centers on understanding material systems which exhibit coherent quantum effects at low temperatures, like superconductors and quantum magnetism.

His principal scientific interest is understanding how it is that large ensembles of strongly interacting, but fundamentally simple particles like electrons in solids, act collectively to exhibit complex emergent quantum phenomena.  He is exploiting (and developing) recent technical breakthroughs using very low frequency microwave and THz range radiation to probe these systems at their natural frequency scales. The material systems of interest require new measurement techniques since their relevant frequencies typically fall between the range of usual optical and electronic methods.  He has recently been interested in the quantized response functions that characterize topological states of matter, as well as developing new techniques that allow the measurement of previously hidden correlations in states of matter like spin liquids.


  • Genzel Prize, 2016
  • William L. McMillan Award
  • William Spicer Award
  • Sloan Research Fellowship
  • National Science Foundation Career award

Relevant Publications

  • Armitage, N. P., E. J. Mele, and Ashvin Vishwanath. "Weyl and Dirac semimetals in three-dimensional solids." Reviews of Modern Physics 90.1 (2018): 015001.
  • Armitage, N. P., et al. "Doping dependence of an n-type cuprate superconductor investigated by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy." Physical Review Letters 88.25 (2002): 257001.
  • Bilbro, L. S., R. Valdés Aguilar, G. Logvenov, O. Pelleg, I. Boz̆ović, and N. P. Armitage. "Temporal correlations of superconductivity above the transition temperature in La 2− x Sr x CuO 4 probed by terahertz spectroscopy." Nature Physics 7, no. 4 (2011): 298.
  • Wu, Liang, M. Salehi, N. Koirala, J. Moon, Seongshik Oh, and N. P. Armitage. "Quantized Faraday and Kerr rotation and axion electrodynamics of a 3D topological insulator." Science 354, no. 6316 (2016): 1124-1127.
  • Morris, C. M., R. Valdés Aguilar, A. Ghosh, S. M. Koohpayeh, J. Krizan, Robert Joseph Cava, O. Tchernyshyov, T. M. McQueen, and N. P. Armitage. "Hierarchy of bound states in the one-dimensional ferromagnetic Ising chain CoNb 2 O 6 investigated by high-resolution time-domain terahertz spectroscopy." Physical review letters 112, no. 13 (2014): 137403.

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