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Sid Kouider


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  • Brain, Mind & Consciousness




Sid Kouider is a cognitive neuroscientist.

He is mainly interested in how conscious and unconscious processes differ at both the psychological and neural level. Kouider uses behavioural and brain imaging methods such as fMRI and EEG/MEG to study the differences between conscious and unconscious processing in humans. This approach offers the opportunity to understand the functional and physiological specificity of consciousness and, ultimately, why we need both conscious and unconscious processing. Recently, Kouider has extended this line of research to study the neural correlates of consciousness in pre-linguistic babies.

Relevant Publications

  • Legendre, G., Andrillon, T., Koroma, M., & Kouider S. (2019). Sleepers track informative speech in a multitalker environment. Nature Human Behaviour, 2397-3374. doi:10.1038/s41562-018-0502-5.
  • Dehaene, S., Lau, H. & Kouider, S. (2017). What is consciousness, and could machines have it? Science, 358(6362), 486-492.
  • Andrillon, T., Pressnitzer, D., Léger, D., & Kouider S. (2017). Formation and suppression of acoustic memories in human sleep. Nature Communications, 8, 179.
  • Goupil, L. & Kouider, S. (2016). Behavioral and Neural Indices of Metacognitive Sensitivity in Preverbal Infants. Current biology, 26(22), 3038-3045.
  • Goupil, L., Romand-Monnier, M., & Kouider S. (2016). Infants ask for help when they know they don’t know. PNAS, 113, 3492–3496.

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