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CIFAR Strategic Plan FY2018 – FY2022

CIFAR is Canada’s Global Research Institute. Since its inception in 1982, CIFAR has been committed to research excellence and impact.

CIFAR’s expertise is in the way it promotes, designs, and supports scientific collaboration — across disciplines; between researchers and knowledge users; and between Canada and the rest of the world. CIFAR takes a long-term view and supports leading edge research with the potential for global impact.

At CIFAR we bring together outstanding researchers from across disciplines and borders to identify and address important global challenges.

Why? Because research that focuses on critical issues, and leverages the best scientists and scholars without being constrained by disciplinary boundaries or geographic borders, is the most effective way to create new knowledge for a better world.

For 35 years CIFAR has approached its Mission and Vision in a differentiated way, based on a combination of four mutually reinforcing characteristics:

Our focus on complex global challenges;

Our global, interdisciplinary networks;

Our environment that fosters deep collaboration; and

Our sustained long-term commitment.

From 2018-2022 CIFAR will continue to ensure we maintain the highest standards of research excellence, and deliver on our three interconnected Areas of Accountability:

  •  Knowledge Creation;
  •  Development of Future Research Leaders; and
  •  Knowledge Mobilization.

We will Advance Excellence and Increase Impact by directing additional focus and resources towards Eight Strategic Actions:

  1.   Complete two Global Calls and Renew the Portfolio of Research Programs
  2.   Strengthen and develop new Research Enhancing Initiatives
  3.   Renew the Global Scholars Program
  4.   Reinforce CIFAR’s Leadership in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  5.   Increase Knowledge Mobilization Activities in target sectors, in Canada and globally
  6.   Build Relationships with Institutions in Key Global Research and Innovation Hubs
  7.   Undertake an “Advancing Excellence, Increasing Impact” Funding Campaign
  8.   Strengthen and Align the CIFAR Organization and Community

We will build on CIFAR’s unique model. We will strengthen CIFAR’s reputation as a convener, bringing together international partners, thought leaders and the world’s research community to address fundamental questions of importance to people everywhere. Our impact in Canada and our impact globally will reinforce one another.

What will success look like in 2022?

  •   There will be evidence of substantial Knowledge Advances from within and across CIFAR Programs
  •   There will be Innovations in practice, policy, programs and products stemming from our Knowledge Mobilization Activities
  •   CIFAR’s Global Academy will have contributed to the development of the Next Generation of Research Leaders
  •   CIFAR will have a Greater Presence and Reputation in Canada and globally
  •   Funding will be aligned with CIFAR’s growth aspirations
  •   CIFAR will be home to the people, activities, tools, and practices that effectively support a strategically focused global research organization

CIFAR’s roots are Canadian, our aspirations are global, and our potential for impact knows no bounds.

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CIFAR is a registered charitable organization supported by the governments of Canada, Alberta and Quebec, as well as foundations, individuals, corporations and Canadian and international partner organizations.

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