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Innovation, Prosperity, Opportunity

Innovation, Prosperity, Opportunity
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How can innovation be beneficial to all?

Innovation is key to making our societies richer and better. However, not everyone gets to develop these new ideas, and not everyone benefits.

The Innovation, Prosperity, Opportunity program will look at how innovation policies affect who has opportunities to innovate and who benefits, and what conditions help or hinder innovation that is beneficial for all.

There has never been a time when humanity stands to benefit so much from science. But unless we develop better policies, technologies like artificial intelligence or quantum computers could simply expand the gap between the rich and the poor.

Inclusive innovation policies will help people from all walks of life to adapt to new technologies, benefit from them and create better ideas than ever before.


  •   Dan Breznitz is professor of political science and Munk Chair of Innovation Studies at the University of
  •   Amos Zehavi is a senior lecturer with a joint appointment in the departments of political science and public policy at Tel Aviv University.

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