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Extended reality (XR) technologies are leveraging the brain’s sensory systems and brain-body interactions to immerse users in augmented and virtual environments. Frontier neuroscience research presents an immense potential for tackling challenges that are limiting the advancement for greater immersion.

In May 2020, members of CIFAR’s Azrieli Brain, Mind and Consciousness program will come together with experts from the XR industry for a two-day workshop on Neuroscience in XR: Driving Immersive Reality. This workshop will explore neuroscience research that has direct implications for addressing some of the major bottlenecks in driving more immersive XR experiences, and how XR and neurotechnologies can lead us to a better understanding of human consciousness and brain-body interactions. This dialogue will aim to identify actionable and collaborative opportunities for where mutual advances can be made that neither research nor industry could achieve alone.

This CIFAR engagement builds on the May 2019 workshop
“The Future of Neuroscience and VR”.