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The discussion on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has accelerated, with a host of guidelines and principles being published. While often comprehensive and thought provoking, many of them do not necessarily consider how ethical thinking may be practically integrated into AI research and training environments.

Fostering a culture of ethical AI among researchers and research institutions will be critical to translating frameworks and guidelines into actionable decisions. Ultimately, this change in culture can shape the way AI research and development is conducted.

Building on the success of the May 2019 “Ethical AI” roundtable at the LMB program meeting in New Orleans, CIFAR will continue the conversation on Ethical AI. An invite-only gathering on February 10th, 2021 will further discussions on existing processes, initiatives and frameworks for ethical AI, and work towards creating and sustaining a culture of ethics in AI research and training environments. The meeting will promote discussion on processes that can instill an ethics-conscious mindset and culture in AI research and training environments through best practices, successful initiatives, and understanding gaps in current processes.

This meeting is by invitation only. For more information, please contact [email protected].