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Inspired gifts to science

The philanthropists behind the great discoveries

Can virtual reality change the way we understand ourselves?

Virtual reality (VR) technologies could open a window on the nature of consciousness, while advances in neuroscience are

Art of Science: Beauty in the gut of a fish

For about three days after zebrafish emerge from their eggs, they are completely transparent

Hannah Carter: Towards personalized cancer diagnosis and treatment

By understanding the details of how genetic mutations turn into tumours, CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar Hannah Carter is p

In Conversation: Canada’s role in the future of artificial intelligence

CIFAR asked three Canada CIFAR AI Chairs to share their thoughts on the future of AI, Canadian leadership in AI, and the

The memory hunters

In their lab at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, CIFAR fellows and neuroscientists Sheena Josselyn and Paul Frankla

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