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Active Programs

Active Programs

Nature, nurture, and time: Q&A with Marla Sokolowski

Research transforms how we think about early life experiences

CIFAR fellows narrow in on origin of Fast Radio Bursts

New results from CHIME surprise and delight

Training AI: Q&A with Chelsea Finn

Chelsea Finn is a leading AI researcher defining the new field of meta and multi-task reinforcement learning (RL)

CIFAR researchers measure the duration of quantum tunnelling

How long does it take to do the apparently impossible?

A Quantum Festschrift for David Poulin

A brilliant quantum physicist with a penchant for taking on difficult challenges, Poulin is honoured by his peers for th

CIFAR completes review of four research programs

Three CIFAR research programs will be renewed and one program will be closed in 2020/21

Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes may be communicable

A new research paper proposes that “non-communicable” diseases may be transmitted through the microbiome

Catching glimpses of the impossible

Iair Arcavi studies the most extreme events in the Universe, which regularly defy expectations and theories

CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars Renée Hložek and Adrian Liu receive Sloan Fellowships

Researchers are selected based on their accomplishments, their creativity, and their leadership potential

Finding islands in the uncharted waters of consciousness

Can consciousness persist in brains that are totally cut off from the outside world?

CIFAR receives grant from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to support AI research

The Learning in Machines & Brains program has been awarded a $475,000 USD grant to support new research on causality.

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