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Brain, mind & consciousness

Brain, mind & consciousness

Neuroscience in XR: Driving Immersive Reality

Frontier research in neuroscience and cognitive science presents an immense potential for tackling challenges limiting g

CIFAR completes review of four research programs

Three CIFAR research programs will be renewed and one program will be closed in 2020/21

Finding islands in the uncharted waters of consciousness

Can consciousness persist in brains that are totally cut off from the outside world?

Anil Seth named co-director of Azrieli program in Brain, Mind & Consciousness

A neuroscientist with interests that cross disciplines, Seth plans to build bridges between CIFAR programs

Meet the 2019-2021 cohort of CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars

Fourteen inspiring early-career researchers named across five CIFAR research programs

The Future of Neuroscience and VR

Advancing virtual reality (VR) technologies are leveraging the brain's visual and auditory systems and brain-body intera

Can virtual reality change the way we understand ourselves?

Virtual reality (VR) technologies could open a window on the nature of consciousness, while advances in neuroscience are

The memory hunters

In their lab at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, CIFAR fellows and neuroscientists Sheena Josselyn and Paul Frankla

New study shows racial and gender bias in 4-year-old children

Even before they go to kindergarten, children show clear evidence of bias at the intersection of race and gender, accord

Woman who is blind can see emotions

Recent research sheds light on the way the brain unconsciously processes visual information.

Understanding the psychology of virtue

A new initiative called the Virtue Project, co-founded CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar Katherine McAuliffe, is asking how w

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