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Humans & the Microbiome

Humans & the Microbiome

COVID-19 may forever alter our microbiomes

The virus (and our reactions to it) affects our health through the microbiome.

Microbiome in Public Health: Laying a Foundation for a New Curriculum

Research on the human microbiome is disrupting our understanding of healthy development and aging.

CIFAR completes review of four research programs

Three CIFAR research programs will be renewed and one program will be closed in 2020/21

Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes may be communicable

A new research paper proposes that “non-communicable” diseases may be transmitted through the microbiome

Understanding How the Microbiome Impacts Public Health via a Multidisciplinary Approach

An understanding of the human microbiome has a major role in an integrated approach to public health.

When antibiotics fail

An expert panel on antimicrobial resistance chaired by B. Brett Finlay releases its report

Meet the 2019-2021 cohort of CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars

Fourteen inspiring early-career researchers named across five CIFAR research programs

The Future of the Microbiome in Public Health

Rapid advances in research on the human microbiome are leading to new insights on the role of our body’s microorganism

CIFAR welcomes new fellows

Celebrating 112 appointments from across disciplines and around the world

Art of Science: Beauty in the gut of a fish

For about three days after zebrafish emerge from their eggs, they are completely transparent

Better Living Through Germs

A new book offers surprising revelations about how microbes affect our health.

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