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Former Programs

Former Programs

Culture shift: Q&A with sociologist Michèle Lamont

As the world confronts racism and a pandemic, Michèle Lamont reflects on the factors that make 2020 feel different.

The Future of Genetic Networks in Decoding Complex Disease

CIFAR convened a roundtable on a topic at the vanguard of genomics: how combinations of genetic variants yield phenotype

Hannah Carter: Towards personalized cancer diagnosis and treatment

By understanding the details of how genetic mutations turn into tumours, CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar Hannah Carter is p

Understanding machine behaviour

CIFAR Fellows Hugo Larochelle and Matthew Jackson argue for a new scientific discipline to study the broad effects of AI

Three CIFAR fellows earn prestigious Killam Program awards

Yoshua Bengio, Stephen Scherer and Matt Dobbs among honorees of the 2019 Killam Program

War and religion

New research by CIFAR Senior Fellow Joe Henrich shows that people affected by war become more religious.

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