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We shift research paradigms.

Every researcher who joins a CIFAR program demonstrates excellence, creativity, and openness to learning from different perspectives. Our community of fellows, chairs, scholars, and advisors are at the top of their fields. Many are decorated with national and international awards of excellence, recognized for their contributions to science, art, social science, and the humanities.



20 CIFAR fellows and advisors have earned a Nobel Prize.

From discoveries about the fundamental physics of our cosmos to the underlying rules that govern our economies, the advances made by researchers in our community are recognized at the highest levels.

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The groundbreaking ideas generated by CIFAR research programs change entire fields of inquiry.

Sixty percent of our fellows, advisors, CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars, and Canada CIFAR AI Chairs contributed to the top 1% of most-cited research papers worldwide from 2013 to 2017.*

In 2019–2020, researchers in our programs produced 1611 publications they say were influenced by CIFAR activities. Of those, 437 were co-authored by two or more CIFAR-affiliated researchers.

105 major awards were received by fellows, advisors, CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars, and Canada CIFAR AI Chairs. This includes the 2019 Körber European Science Prize, the 2019 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Gold Medal, and two Sloan Fellowships, among others.

*CIFAR researchers contributing to the top 1% of most-cited papers at the world level from 2013 to 2017.
Statistics produced by Science-Metrix using data from Scopus (Elsevier).

Support Us

CIFAR is a registered charitable organization supported by the governments of Canada, Alberta and Quebec, as well as foundations, individuals, corporations and Canadian and international partner organizations.

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