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Alannah Hallas

Alannah Hallas


  • CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar 2020-2022
  • Quantum Materials




Quantum materials have remarkable mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties derived from intense quantum mechanical effects.

The design of these quantum materials is guided by physics but bringing a hypothetical material into reality relies on methods from chemistry and materials science. The heart of Alannah Hallas’ research program is an interdisciplinary approach to the design and discovery of new quantum materials. Her program has a unique emphasis on synthesis under high pressure, which vastly expands the materials discovery landscape. New materials play an indispensable role: through their study, new phenomena are uncovered, which in turn may unlock transformative applications.


  • The Neutron Scattering Society of America Prize for Outstanding Student Research, 2018
  • Smalley-Curl Postdoctoral Fellowship in Quantum Materials, 2017
  • NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2017
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, 2014

Relevant Publications

  • C.-L. Huang, A. M. Hallas, K. Grube, S. Kuntz, B. Spieß, K. Bayliff, T. Besara, T. Siegrist, Y. Cai, J. Beare, G. M. Luke, and E. Morosan. “Quantum critical point in the itinerant ferromagnet Ni1−xRhx.” Physical Review Letters 124, 117203 (2020).
  • A.M. Hallas, C.L. Huang, B.K. Rai, A. Weiland, G.T. McCandless, J.Y. Chan, J. Beare, G.M. Luke, and E. Morosan. “Complex transport and magnetism in inhomogeneous mixed valence Ce3Ir4Ge13.” Physical Review Materials 3, 114407 (2019).
  • A.M. Hallas, A.Z. Sharma, C. Mauws, Q. Chen, H.D. Zhou, C. Ding, Z. Gong, M. Tachibana, P.M. Sarte, J.P. Attfield, G.M. Luke, and C.R. Wiebe. “Coexistence of metallic and nonmetallic properties in the pyrochlore Lu2Rh2O7.” npj Quantum Materials 4, 9 (2019).
  • A.M. Hallas, J. Gaudet, and B.D. Gaulin. “Experimental insights into ground-state selection of quantum XY pyrochlores.” Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 9, 105-124 (2018).
  • A.M. Hallas, J. Gaudet, N.P. Butch, G. Xu, M. Tachibana, C.R. Wiebe, G.M. Luke, and B.D. Gaulin. “Phase competition in the Palmer-Chalker XY pyrochlore Er2Pt2O7”. Physical Review Letters 119, 187201 (2017).

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