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Gilbert Holder


  • Fellow
  • Gravity & the Extreme Universe


Gilbert Holder’s research focuses on cosmology. He is particularly interested in the formation of structure in the universe, such as superclusters, clusters of galaxies, galaxies, stars and planets.

He searches for the observable imprints of the processes that formed these structures, through scattering effects (such as the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect) and gravitational distortions (of distant background objects or of the microwave background fluctuations). Areas of study include galaxy clusters, large angle CMB anisotropy and gravitational lensing.


  • Carl Sagan Outstanding Teacher Award, 2001

Relevant Publications

  • Hairman, Z., Holder, G. (2009). The reionization history at high redshifts. I. Physical models and new constraints from cosmic microwave background polarization. Astrophysical Journal, 595, 1-12. DOI:  10.1086/377337/

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