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Leon Balents


  • Program Co-Director
  • Quantum Materials




Leon Balents is a theoretical physicist who works broadly in the area of correlated electron systems, quantum magnetism and complex materials.

His interests include correlation effects in one-dimensional systems, exotic quantum critical phenomena, topology in the solid state and spin liquids in frustrated magnets.


  • Elected Member of the US National Academy of Science (2019)
  • Elected Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2018)
  • Yzurdiaga Chair of Theoretical Physics (2017)
  • American Physical Society Fellow (2013)

Relevant Publications

  • Ye, M., Hal ́asz, G.B., Savary, L., & Balents, L. (2018). Quantization of the thermal hall conductivity at small hall angles. Phys. Rev. Lett., 121, 147201.
  • Savary, L., & Balents, L. (2017). Quantum spin liquids: a review. Reports on Progress in Physics, 80(1), 016502.
  • Ross, K.A., Savary, L., Gaulin, B.D., & Balents, L. (2011). Quantum excitations in quantum spin ice. Phys. Rev. X, 1, 021002.
  • Burkov, A.A., & Balents, L. (2011). Weyl semimetal in a topological insulator multilayer. Phys. Rev. Lett., 107, 127205.
  • Moore, J. E. & Balents, L. (2007). Topological invariants of time-reversal-invariant band structures. Physical Review B, 75, 121306.

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