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Robert C. Myers


  • Associate Fellow
  • Gravity & the Extreme Universe


Robert Myers is a theoretical physicist whose current research program primarily investigates various issues of understanding string theory as a theory of quantum gravity.

Much of his recent work has involved developing a better understanding of the AdS/CFT correspondence, which provides a description of quantum gravity in terms of strongly coupled quantum field theories. Currently, he is also very interested in studying the growing connections between quantum gravity and quantum information theory.


  • CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal, 2012
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 2006
  • CAP/CRM Prize in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, 2005
  • Herzberg Medal of the Canadian Association of Physicists, 1999

Relevant Publications

  • Faulkner, T. et al. ''Gravitation from Entanglement in Holographic CFTs.'' arXiv:1312.7856 (2014).
  • Casini, H. et al. "Towards a derivation of holographic entanglement entropy." JHEP 05 (2011): 036.
  • Copeland, E.J. et al. "Cosmic F and D strings." JHEP 06 (2004): 013.
  • Myers, R.C. "Dielectric branes." JHEP 12 (1999): 022.
  • Myers, R.C., and M.J. Perry. "Black holes in higher dimensional space-times." Ann. Phys. 172, no. 2 (December 1986): 304–47.

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