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AICan 2019

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Please join our live virtual audience

AICan 2019, the second annual meeting of the CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy is now sold out however, CIFAR will host a live webcast on December 9th from 9am – 4:30pm PST.

Who should attend: Academic researchers, government, industry stakeholders and other and thought leaders in artificial intelligence.

Program Overview

9:00am : Welcome and Announcement of new Canada CIFAR AI Chairs

9:15am : Theme 1 Panel Discussion: Foundations in Machine Learning
Moderator: Simon Lacoste-Julien, Mila
Christian Gagné, Mila
Pascal Germain, Mila
Chris Maddison, Vector Institute
Courtenay Paquette, Mila
Gennady Pekhimenko, Vector Institute
Siamak Ravenbakhsh, Mila
Nathan Sturtevant, Amii

10:15am : Networking Coffee Break

10:35am : Theme 2 Panel Discussion: Advances in Reinforcement Learning
Moderator: Doina Precup, Mila
Pierre Luc-Bacon, Mila
Jakob Foerster, Vector Institute
Nicolas Le Roux, Mila
Sheila McIlraith, Vector Institute
Csaba Szepesvari, Amii
Yaoliang Yu, Vector Institute

11:20am : Theme 3 Panel Discussion: Next Generation Robotics
Moderator: Peter Van Beek,
Rupam Mahmood, Amii
Animesh Garg, Vector Institute
Angela Schoellig, Vector Institute

11:45am : Networking Lunch, Pan-Canadian AI Strategy Showcase and Student Poster Session

1:15pm : Keynote address: AI & Society
Candice Odgers, Co-Director for the CIFAR Child & Brain Development program and University of California Irvine

2:00pm : Theme 4 Panel Discussion: Teaching Machines to See, Understand and Act
Moderator: Kevin Leyton-Brown, Amii
Aishwarya Agrawal, Mila
Sarath Chandar, Mila
Tim O’Donnell, Mila
Siva Reddy, Mila
Lili Mou, Amii
Adam White, Amii

2:45pm : Announcement of Poster Competition winners

2:50pm : Theme 5: Fairness, Transparency, Explainability in Machine Learning
Moderator: Mona Nemer, Chief Science Advisor
Shai Ben-David, Vector Institute
Fernando Diaz, Mila
Marc-Antoine Dilhac, Mila

3:35pm : Theme 6: Panel Discussion: AI for Health
Moderator: Russ Greiner, Amii
Tal Arbel, Mila
Audrey Durand, Mila
Danilo Bzdok, Mila
Anna Goldenberg, Vector Institute
Irina Rish, Mila
Martin Vallières

4:20pm : Closing Remarks

Schedule is subject to change.


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