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How to build a research lab

One thing they don’t teach you in your PhD program is how to build a research lab. As professors within the first few years of their academic positions, CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars all had to start up their labs from scratch.

They built up physical lab spaces, built up their teams and built up themselves. While there is no how-to guide, there is a wealth of expertise. This inspired the Building a Lab series where CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars interviewed leaders in their fields with a goal of sharing advice with new faculty.

Whether you’re starting a lab in experimental physics or human consciousness, the interviews have valuable advice that can apply across disciplines:

Read Gerhard Kirchmair’s interview with Gregor Weihs

Read Katherine Amato’s interview with Margaret McFall-Ngai

Read Graham Taylor’s interview with Yoshua Bengio

Read Alona Fyshe’s interview with Melvyn Goodale

Alona Fyshe’s article in Science Careers magazine

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