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A Quantum Revolution: Report on Global Policies for Quantum Technology

A century of research into the strange phenomena of the quantum world has given us technologies that are central to modern society. An increasing ability to control and manipulate quantum systems is fomenting what has been called the “2nd Quantum Revolution”. The tantalizing possibility of technologies such as an unhackable secure network or computers that are billions of times faster than today’s supercomputers, and their impact on the economy and society, has driven governments and industry to devote billions of dollars into research and development to try to usher in the new era. 

CIFAR has been supporting research in this important scientific field for more than three decades, funding interdisciplinary research programs in Quantum Materials since 1987 and in Quantum Information Science since 2002. This report overviews the three primary areas of quantum technologies, then highlights the policy measures taken by different countries to support quantum R&D. The intent is not to evaluate the various national approaches or, at this stage, attempt to draw causal links between the policies and the current state of development of quantum technology in the respective country. It is, instead, aimed at providing a snapshot of the rapidly evolving global policy landscape and giving policymakers a reference and a toolkit of potential measures to shape the development of the field in their own countries.

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