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Industry & Technology

Industry & Technology

Canadian Neutron Initiative Roundtable: Towards a National Neutron Strategy

Canada needs to develop a strategy to maintain access to this indispensable tool for studying materials.

Neutron scattering for quantum materials research

CIFAR fellows are advancing the application and infrastructure for this key technique.

Algorithms in Astronomy and Biomedicine

Algorithms used for astronomical research can be applied to tackle similarly complex data in biomedicine.

Neuroscience in XR: Driving Immersive Reality

Frontier research in neuroscience and cognitive science presents an immense potential for tackling challenges limiting g

AI for Astronomy and Health

Astronomers and cosmologists are making use of powerful computer algorithms, including methods based on artificial intel

Effectiveness of Catalyst in CO2 Electroreduction System

CIFAR's Bio-inspired Solar Energy research Fellows with international experts in academia, industry and national governm

Optimizing catalysts for CO₂ electroreduction

CIFAR fellows in the Bio-inspired Solar Energy program demonstrates some of the latest advances in this exciting arena

The Future of Neuroscience and VR

Advancing virtual reality (VR) technologies are leveraging the brain's visual and auditory systems and brain-body intera

Ethical AI: A Discussion

While AI technologies are contributing to new products and services across industries that bring many potential benefits

Ion Selective Membranes in CO2 Electrolysis

On May 15, 2019, CIFAR convened a roundtable to discuss developments in ion selective membranes for CO2 electrolyzers.

Towards a Molecular Map of the Cell: the Ultimate Limit to Drug Discovery

On April 15, 2019, CIFAR convened a roundtable to discuss the technological advances, both existing and required, to gen

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