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How has COVID-19 affected world happiness?

CIFAR Fellows and Canada CIFAR AI Chairs investigate happiness using interdisciplinary methods

COVID-19 may forever alter our microbiomes

The virus (and our reactions to it) affects our health through the microbiome.

Four AI researchers to watch in 2021

Newly appointed Canada CIFAR AI Chairs use AI to protect our privacy, develop safe robots, understand disease, and addre

Highlights of 2019–2020

CIFAR’s 2019–2020 Impact Report is now online.

Playing the long game with AI

Canada CIFAR AI Chair Kevin Leyton-Brown applies AI to microeconomics to predict the best possible outcome based on our

AI radiology tool supports real-time diagnosis of COVID-19-related pneumonia

Canadian research collaboration launches AI radiology tool

An AI for Health strategy will be a gamechanger for Canada

The national AI for Health Task Force has released its report, “Building a Learning Health System for Canadians”

Nature, nurture, and time: Q&A with Marla Sokolowski

Research transforms how we think about early life experiences

CIFAR fellows narrow in on origin of Fast Radio Bursts

New results from CHIME surprise and delight

Meet the 2020-2022 cohort of CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars

Thirteen early-career researchers with exceptional leadership potential will join four CIFAR research programs.

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