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President’s Message

President’s Message

Believe in science

Science is crucial to our collective health, well-being, and prosperity.

The pandemic has thrust science onto centre stage

The world is going through a period of tumultuous change.

Science is our exit strategy

This virus is challenging every aspect of humanity’s well-being, and addressing it will require a global, concerted, a

The Power of Global Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Alan Bernstein: Science and global collaboration represent the very best of humanity.

Immediate action on COVID-19

We need science now, more than ever. We need it because a foundation of science, built over decades, underlies the curre

The long game is worth playing

Time allows researchers to challenge paradigms and explore high-risk ideas for high-reward outcomes

The importance of research and open inquiry in a troubled world

Open inquiry is a cornerstone of democracy, and critical for advancing our understanding of the world.

Live a life with purpose and change the world

Dr. Alan Bernstein addressed new graduates at University of Toronto and Western University convocation ceremonies

Change and renewal

A CIFAR fellow once described CIFAR as a “playground for the mind”.

Dr. Alan Bernstein honoured by the Public Policy Forum

He was recognized as “a pioneering advocate for good science and health policy.”

New portfolio, new opportunities

We invited the global research community to propose new programs that address complex, fundamental questions of importa

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