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Irina Rish wants to solve one of AI’s biggest challenges

Her research will enable machines to learn new knowledge more efficiently.

Leading with generosity

A conversation with Kyunghyun Cho on his major breakthrough in machine translation.

Recommendation algorithms could contribute to inequality

Experts say algorithms may impact our cultural preferences.

AI in biodiversity research crucial to our survival

Canada CIFAR AI Chair Graham Taylor is using computer vision to better understand and protect our planet’s biodiversit

When the Universe calls, Raffaella Margutti answers

CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar makes quick decisions to catch the Universe’s most extreme events.

Heather Graham is questioning assumptions about what life can be

She is making sure we can trust future claims of alien life by thinking about how life forms might evolve differently on

Ontario researchers use AI to diagnose and treat COVID-19

Three Ontario research teams are using AI to identify novel solutions for understanding, diagnosing, and treating COVID-

AI pioneer Joelle Pineau is transforming personalized health care

From robot wheelchairs and disease prediction to advancing diversity and inclusion

Sanja Fidler is taking data to the next level with AI-assisted annotation tool

Annotation platform could help companies scale data

Training AI: Q&A with Chelsea Finn

Chelsea Finn is a leading AI researcher defining the new field of meta and multi-task reinforcement learning (RL)

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