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Gravity & the Extreme Universe

Gravity & the Extreme Universe

When the Universe calls, Raffaella Margutti answers

CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar makes quick decisions to catch the Universe’s most extreme events.

CIFAR fellows narrow in on origin of Fast Radio Bursts

New results from CHIME surprise and delight

Algorithms in Astronomy and Biomedicine

Algorithms used for astronomical research can be applied to tackle similarly complex data in biomedicine.

AI for Astronomy and Health

Astronomers and cosmologists are making use of powerful computer algorithms, including methods based on artificial intel

Catching glimpses of the impossible

Iair Arcavi studies the most extreme events in the Universe, which regularly defy expectations and theories

CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars Renée Hložek and Adrian Liu receive Sloan Fellowships

Researchers are selected based on their accomplishments, their creativity, and their leadership potential

Victoria Kaspi one of Nature’s 10

Kaspi and her work on CHIME are the focus of one of the profiles in Nature’s 10 this year, a list of “ten people who

James Peebles Receives the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics

A founding fellow of CIFAR’s Cosmology & Gravity program, Peebles’s work laid the foundation of modern cosmology.

Meet the 2019-2021 cohort of CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars

Fourteen inspiring early-career researchers named across five CIFAR research programs

CIFAR welcomes new fellows

Celebrating 112 appointments from across disciplines and around the world

Three CIFAR fellows earn prestigious Killam Program awards

Yoshua Bengio, Stephen Scherer and Matt Dobbs among honorees of the 2019 Killam Program

Black hole photographed for the first time

Fellows in CIFAR’s Gravity & the Extreme Universe program were part of the international collaboration that snapped th

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