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Child & Brain Development

Child & Brain Development

Nature, nurture, and time: Q&A with Marla Sokolowski

Research transforms how we think about early life experiences

CIFAR welcomes new fellows

Celebrating 112 appointments from across disciplines and around the world

Adversities, Neurodevelopment & New Interventions

On March 28, 2019, CIFAR convened a roundtable to explore our understanding of the impact of multiple early adversities

The memory hunters

In their lab at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, CIFAR fellows and neuroscientists Sheena Josselyn and Paul Frankla

AI & Society workshop explores the risks of AI on children

A CIFAR-led AI & Society workshop will explore how AI could shape the development of children

Q&A: Whether orchids or dandelions, all kids can thrive

Some kids are resilient, others more sensitive. But sensitive orchids can excel in the right environment, says CIFAR fel

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